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"Philemon 1:1-7"

August 28, 2016


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Members from our church community and others around the Bay Area utilize their writing talent for the glory of God, aiming at the heart of their readers with the transforming power of the good news of Jesus Christ.

August 26, 2016 in The Weekly

The Weekly | 8.28.16

Sunday’s Sermon: The Gospel in Our Guts | Philemon INFORMATIONAL MEETING SUNDAY! Join us tonight at 6pm in the Sanctuary for an informational meeting. We will present our budget and bios…

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August 19, 2016 in The Weekly

The Weekly | 8.21.16

Sunday’s Sermon: Psalm 145 (Book 5: Victory) BECOME A MEMBER | 9.11 Covenant Membership is individual faith lived out in the church, the corporate body of Christ. On 10.2, we will…

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august, 2016

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