We are a church that loves the Lord with all of our mind. Classes provide a place to receive in-depth teaching while others such as Baptism or Covenant Membership class prepare people for the next step in their discipleship journey. Some classes meet weekly and others take place quarterly or occasionally. The classes shown to the right are offered on a recurring basis, but keep an eye out for various “one-off” classes that we envision providing in the future on everything from finances to literature.


Are you getting married? Have you been through a divorce? Have you lost a loved one? Are you struggling with depression or addiction? Our pastors offer premarital counseling and we have various classes for that aim to be a place of hope and healing for those facing divorce and grief. Additionally, those experiencing difficult struggles or traumatic situations will often benefit greatly from Christian counseling. We can provide a list of some of the Christian counselors in our area, although we can neither warrant the service of any counselor nor do we assume any responsibility for the service provided. If you would are interested in any of the above or would simply like to meet with one of our pastors, please contact Pastor Sid at

Classes Offered:

Adult Bible Fellowship

Building Life Together (BLT) is a fellowship that meets every Sunday at 11AM after 9AM service in the Seminar Room upstairs for additional in-depth biblical teaching and study, prayer, and worship through singing. They also hold regular outreach events such as Christmas caroling and banquets. Drop-ins welcome!


New Christian? Never been baptized? We baptize quarterly in tandem with our new member celebrations. Sign up below for the next baptism class where you will learn about the rich significance of this powerful symbol of God’s covenant faithfulness.


Covenant membership is faith incarnate: individual faith lived out in the corporate body of Christ (the church). It is purposely countercultural in our commitment-phobic world. But commitment is the context for love! Sign up below for the next class where you will learn not only all about our church’s doctrine, policies, and much more, but what it means to be a covenant member of Christ’s body.

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Spiritual Care

On our Discipleship Culture chart (view here), the individual “Member” is at the very center because having spiritually and emotionally unhealthy church members (or leaders) will lead to an unhealthy and therefore unfruitful church. Loving God and our neighbors is often hard work, but God wants to give us His own energy to serve Him in the church and in the world (Colossians 1:29). Therefore, in addition to participating in worship services and comGroups, each member of VCC must be responsible for engaging in spiritual practices and habits that enable them to grow in bearing the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Periodic Spiritual Retreats and the in-depth Aphesis Class are resources that help each person develop their own set of spiritual practices that strengthen their relationship with Christ.


The Head-to-Heart class is an intensive discipleship process that addresses the problem that much of what we sincerely believe in our minds does not make it all the way to our hearts, leading to behavior inconsistent with our professed beliefs. This group experience addresses this issue through 1) focused biblical teaching on God’s affectionate acceptance of us, and 2) helping each person identify the “false instinctive beliefs” that are deeply imprinted on their hearts by the fall, family, and culture that make it difficult to integrate God’s truth into their lives.  This class is offered only once per year since it meets weekly over a six-month period, with breaks during the fall holiday seasons.  For more information, contact Sid Niemeyer at

Spiritual Retreats

The focus of these one-day spiritual retreats is to help each person further develop their personal and ongoing conversation with God that deepens intimacy with him. The day typically is comprised of several modules; each module includes a brief teaching on a topic and a spiritual practice and then participants are given resources and time alone to experience this practice. We envision holding a series of retreats at a variety of locations. We plan to create two to three new retreats each year, and our previous four retreats (Grace in the Whirlwind, Deep Knowing, Enough!, and Hearing Jesus) will be offered again during the next couple of years. 

Prayer Chain

A crucial part of our life together as gospel-centered disciples is to pray for one another. The VCC Prayer Chain offers a means for individuals to share their prayer requests (as well as praise offerings) with a large group of people. The prayer requests are incorporated into a Prayer Chain document (which also includes updates on previous prayer requests), and this document is emailed out each week to people who have volunteered to be a part of this prayer ministry. Email to submit a prayer request or sign up to be on the prayer chain.